Still Tippin Freestyle Testo

Testo Still Tippin Freestyle

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Lil' Matt]
Put it their eh, let's go
Let go, up high
Pullin out movies and I get to shootin
Knock you out out and you look like Houston
Yo' want no beef to believe f
Mothafucka better duck when I squish text
Come fool you better show me some respect
Please come smoke bout no be s
I got a question that ??????? that's why I spit shit like due to a Cancer
Stay what stay what fuckin like dem mothafuckas
You don't wanna do cut them mothafuckas
They want us comin out one of their
You don't like us bitch suck a dick
You could get it in your back you could get it from the cat
You could get it from your Mack you could get it in the truck
I don't care man run up nuck if you buck you could tuck
But you ain't
You'z a bra you saw you mothafuckas
Ain't ready for y'all sweet y'all want no beef
Let's get hot in this I'ma bust in Swisha Sweet in are night Hour tryin to figure out how white Inna
Still in the shit tight all night you can get it in the win pipe
Tonight wit a knife
Y'all want it like that
From South kack and Britain hard
Wit some bras
Y'all really don't want nothin
Yeah you get your mouth clack
Y'all ain't about that we bout cash
We bout Cash, and we bout Cash
And that's what it eh eh
And that's what it eh
Quit smoke bitch
Another 2006 freestyle eh
I'ma bout this motherfucka eh
Yeah I'm dissin some bitches
Fuck 50cent
Fuck Fat Joe
Fuck Lil Scrappy
Fuck Nas
Fuck T.I.
Fuck The Game
They all bitches nigga
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