The Way We Ball Freestyle Testo

Testo The Way We Ball Freestyle

[Lil' Matt]
This is the way we ball
Welcome to the South
Where bitches pick up grain
Where bitches get framed
But I got famed for bein so lame
I change my last name
(Why) cause I hated Mata
It sounded kinda gay
I joined the Mireles family
It sounded kinda cool but then it kinda grooled
(How) let's say it just came to it's doom
But then joined (What) the Morales family
It sounded even better but it got kinda shredded
(How) let's say they went to a fuckin better place
But then I joined the Palomo family
It real fuckin sucked
But I don't really care
I don't like fuckin fares
But then I went my fuckin own way
Then I met a friend (Who) his name was Stray
But he told me he gon go his way
(Where) let's say he went to a better place
Where he became to be the best
He was representatin the West
I hate the fuckin West where we see some pests
He still fuckin alive I'm happy
But I hate the West
That's when I became a Southsider
Then I met a friend wit my cousin (Where) at Whatabuger
(What's his name) his name was Big HG
At least he didn't die
I would be down like a fly
Like Dj Spanish Fly
That's when I was at Houston
Even at Screwstum
I never met Dj Screw but he was friends wit Lil' Flip and his crew
My other friend Dj Quiztid Rhymez
Always got high
He neva eva even tried
Couldn't even squash a fly
Like foes Jim, Jess and Jike
Never been off my throne
Bitch you'll be chromed
Can't forget the life that got fuckin stoled with Jimmy Jones
Pimped out my phone
I pimped out my girlfriend
(Who) Merlyn she fuckin left me cause I started rappin
I got all princess cutz all in my mouth
Representatin the Dirty Dirty South
My third friend Chris the Wist had a bad wrist
Couldn't even twist
My forth friend Yung Rappa Neva left me
Always on my side
Like a side kick
With a great big dick
My fifth friend Lil' Crippa was always on the crib
He always wanted to be on BET with Tigga with no rib
My sixth friend Willy Wooh Wigga ain't a nigga
He was a bitch but changed a lot and became a man
He was a good friend like school friend Stan
My seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth friend
Where the Texas Mafias
First one I met was Koopsta
He neva eva eva eva won as koopa troopa
The second one I met was Big Jamez
He had good grillz but always got blamed
The third one I met was Lil' Crippa's older brother Crippsta
He was like his brother but better lookin and shit
The last but not least was Lil' Rap
He was one of my best friends for life
Lil' Rap was one of the best rappin son of a bitch
He was a good rapper even a good slapper
He would even crap anywhere
If I die I'ma be in heaven where neva happin
Like Rick Jackson
I'ma stay in the game and tell you that this is the way we ball
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