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Testo Knockin Niggaz Out

One Direction: Zayn Malik lascia la band
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[Lil' Matt: Talkin']
This is Lil' Matt
I'm still the average Lil' Boy
I'm still knockin niggaz out
Like U.G.K. they ain't shit to me

[Lil' Matt:]
It's Lil' Matt grippin tat bitch nigga sippin yo' stat
Lil' Matt is gonna gat cause you a rat
Fuck you nigga you are fat
It's 2003 you fuckin me bitch nigga you ain't even free
Sippin near yo' face your a big disgrace you put yo' family in the biggest disgrace
We don't give a fuck you don't give a fuck you suck you can't fuck and you saw a fuckin duck
You know you suck you know you can't fuck
U.G.K. you just a big fuckin S-U-C-K motherfuckin suck
This song ain't long fuck you, you wher a thong
Nigga you suck but you some bucks
Underground Kings don't even have the bling bling
Lil' Matt the best fuck the rest you know you mothafuckers suck U.G.K.
Niggaz smokin chokin pokin niggaz fokin

[Lil' Matt: Talkin']
You know the U.G.K. ain't shit
Your mom ain't shit your dad ain't shit
Your chain ain't shit but fuck dat you real don't now
I'm the King of the South you ain't got the big mouth niggaz

Scarica la suoneria di Knockin Niggaz Out!
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