Who Is The Best Freestyler Testo

Testo Who Is The Best Freestyler

[Lil' Matt]
If you talkin' about me Pimp C you in trouble
Pimp C you ain't nothin but a Bun B stunt double
I don't - know ya but I know you a fuckin bitch
You Underground Kings don't have that much bling bling
But shut up I'ma shut you down fuck you niggaz if you ain't a fuckin clown
I know you two won't last that long cause you bitches ain't shit
You ain't shit your mom is shit your dad is shit what name are you on
Your name is shit fuck dat you really don't know
I'm the King of the South you bitches ain't gotta big mouth
You a bitch motha - fucka sucka my dick nigga
U.G.K. sucks you bitches can't fuck you bitches are to young
I'm twenty one you like forty one bitch niggaz you ain't healthy ones
You niggaz ain't got Air Force Ones bitch niggaz your bitch gots one
I'ma seperate you I'ma kidnapped you I'ma kill and fill you with dirt
I'ma take you out of line like RL Stine fuck you bitch niggaz cause you ain't fuckin wit dimes
My name is Lil' Matt you bitch niggaz sat you bitch niggaz sad
I like callin you bitches fuck you snitches
Bun B you ain't shit to a bitch
Pimp C you ain't shit to a bitch
I'ma run you out of town fuck you niggaz at the dawn
Bitch nigga you ain't the king I'm the king of you
You niggaz didn't even heard the train go chou chou
Bun B you suck at rappin you suck at slappin
If I see you in club I might just slap even you Bitch C
You don't latitude bitch don't graitude
In yo' heart ain't platinum
That's not even gold that shit look like breast
On yo' next couple don't use you face use your ass
Cause you a bitch and you niggaz ain't shit
I'm the King of the South you niggaz need a big mouth
Bun B you suck Pimp C you suck
I'ma take you out of rappin
I'ma take you out of history
Cause you a mothafuckin HOEEEEE!
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