Switchin Lanes Freestyle Testo

Testo Switchin Lanes Freestyle

(feat. D.J. Quiztid Rhymez & Cousins)

[D.J. Qiuztid Rhymez]
D, J, Quiz, tid - Rhymez
D.J. Quiztid Rhymez, Lil' Crippa and Kevinized
If you change your face you wont be recognized
You will always be memorized
Superman and Krpytonite, you can't always be nice
We always actin bad, put a tack in your face
Pick the Great Legendary Pace
Tie a shoe lace without any space,
I need weed, Jim Jones feed me, sofe, it ain't free
Always with my friends sister Dee Dee
You know me, I jack with Bun B
Sometimes with dat guy Pimp C, please be free
Cause I'ma stay in the game while switchin my gold canary chain

[Big Luiz]
Big Luiz does crimes, bustin the Great White Rhyme
Big Luiz can shine, I got 13 tanks
I am in a gang, you know I got wank
I'm with Lil' Matt and Lil' Hustle
I got 15 pounds of pure mexican muscle
Look in your face, dream about space
Can't dream about bitches who can't even tie a shoe lace
We are fine don't think i'm a dime
Your a bitch who can't even rhyme, I rather slam
Then rather watch a dam go down in flo
Knockin out all doors, I'm with Lil' Ed king of king size bedz

[Lil' Ed]
Lil' Ed ain't dead, my middle name is fred (NOT!)
I ain't a bitch who has a lot of dreds
My favorite colors red, I'm a lil' dead
But i'm feelin fine, I like lookin at crimes
But then I have to shine, gimme ten dimes
You bitches can't fuck even rhyme
I took the test ten times, fuck it
Then my mama told me I done it
I had run it, I had fun with it, had three gunz with it
I'ma let my cousin Shawty rap cause that bitch can't slap

Shawty the twenty year old rapper
I could slap her, she flap her
But I didn't got her, she had fur like a bitch racoon
The Great Legendary Typhoon
I ain't a bafoon, my sister got three balloons
If you diss my 1 dollar bill
You'll be like that guy Lil' Will
Stand Still, while I give you a dick
You can't stick with a dog tick
While I got the Great Big Dick
You better get three to six sticks
I'ma be the king of the South
All princess cutz all in my mouth
I never been caught
I'ma let my cousin kevinized rap cause that bitch can't blind my eyez

Kevinized is here for dat bitch that is only good at snitchin
I'm switchin my lanes, you ain't got no game
I got mo fame, you bitches will always get framed
I represent that Dirty South, I got princess cutz all in my mouth
I got caught three times, I went to prison for three years
Cause I sip drank and fucked Frank
I got more wank then Big Luiz, he better go to Saint Louise
He can't bring blue with it
I'ma let my brother Lil' Kenny cause that mexican can't bendy

[Lil' Kenny]
Lil' kenny the best of best, ain't representatin the west
I need to play bingo, you can't make no damn test
Your the fuckin pest, I ain't Jess
I put my friend to his rest, he was annoyin but at least he came to his death
He has no health, you better get some wealth
Bitch you gotta feel it, to believe in it,
You know I ain't got no healin powers
But I keep this chillin powders
You will get destroyed
Cause you bitches fuckers can't dance with heroes

[Lil' Hustle]
This Lil' Guy ain't shit to a nigga, hey pull tha trigga
You got know Wallets, I ain't fuckin pockets
I ain't gotta to chill, bitch ass niggaz I gots to kill
But my friends always spill, like Dill
My friend Phil said hey get dat bitch he gon be kill
But I said chill bitch ass nigga don't tell me anything or else
You'll fealse, that mean you'll br failed
I never fail, but I gots to be a girl
I'ma let my best fuckin cousin Lil' Matt rap cause he is the king of the big blue tat

[Lil' Matt]
Lil' Matt gon have his ways, i'm switchin lanes
I'm in the game, I got famed for bein so lame
Bitch you gon be fuckin tamed, Bitch I'ma be framed
I told James, he fuck said go to hell
Bitch take bitch ass dell with you in hell
I gon be spelled, please don't make me go to hell
But I'ma live a new life, I;ma rap
Kevinized gon crap (What)
It ain't whack, I been cracked
I never been black, dat bitch ass nigga is always a slack
I'ma put a tack in his face, he will never pick up the pace
But the only thing that bitch ass fucker gon think about is space

[Lil' Matt (D.J. Quiztid Rhymez) {Lil' Ed}]
This ain't shit, I got the greatest hit
(But then it gon be fucked up)
That's right {Who gives a fuck}
Hey but then we gon be the kings of the South

(That is true) Papa Reu Ludacris {No}
Then who (who wants to be the king of the South)
they don't like each other right
{Who do think is gonna win> {Lil' Flip} (Lil' Flip) Lil' Flip
Yeah, I don't like that bitch ass nigga, (Yeah)
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