Labor Freestyle (Nas Diss) Testo

Testo Labor Freestyle (Nas Diss)

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
[Lil' Matt: Talkin']
This is labor mothafucka
This is a rock song but I'ma rap this mothafuckin song dissin Nas

[Lil' Matt]
This song was from the artist Aesop Rock
Tick Tock mothafucka it wasn't me it was the Da Roc
I listen to Hip Hop not Trip Hop nigga
Fuck y'all niggaz if you flip flop slip n' slop
Some niggaz don't listen to Hip Hop
But I rap to be the best better then that bitch mothafucka Joe Budden
But I ain't dissin that bitch I'm dissin his friend Nas the bitch ass nigga drinkin gas
It ain't my fault nigga Nas you need to think then thought
But chou fought nigga you would not been bought
Niggaz like you shouldn't shine like you they would shine like me
Nigga I have to shine you pay me a dime nigga my favorite number ninety-nine
My favorite hurricane is Hurricane Lil' Matt Nas
Fuck you nigga if you ain't gonna fuck wit labor favor
Nigga you ain't a nigga if you ain't pull tha trigga bitch
Nas you a bitch been a bitch still a bitch and you've snitched
My man John Cena will take you off his arena bitch nigga
John Cena my friend nigga and you a bitch nigga
This song I'm doin ain't that long Nas is that thong
Bitch nigga use the tong to pick it up bitch
Nas you a bitch who snitched bitch nigga you switched
You where a hitchhika nigga you are a bitch nigga

[Lil' Matt: Talkin']
Bitch nigga that's my 2006 diss to that bitch nigga Nas
He's a bitch
Nas I'ma tell you two words, Fuck Y'all