Deliverance Testo

Testo Deliverance

When all has been gone, you remain
When all that has been has turned to none
You remain the horizon we plead
And the wish we hope to bleed

When all else has failed,
And shadows seem to conquer our hearts
You believe we can still devour this rage
And claim victory and life one more time

Here on the edge of a haunting day
We stand in deliverance
(Here) Again, (now) As one
We embrace the silence won

This hope we all plead lies within
Our very own hearts and souls alike
Overwhelmingly lost to our fate
We shall point our swords to hate

This dagger, our sword, nothing more than a simple, humble word
Peace has the power to reign over a thousand armies
And claim victory and life one more time

When you walk through your path
And you stumble upon a withered stone
You will shine it to life, for it might just
Become a savior's throne
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