Friction (Lost Footsteps) Testo

Testo Friction (Lost Footsteps)

The day he almost drowned with no little trace of hope
The day his neck was suffocating from the grip of darkness´ rope
His gravestone lies beneath the ground alone and half complete
Waiting for him just to fall asleep

The clouds of his death were blown away
For a savior was sent to make him stay

From that moment on every breath had a reason made to change
The way that our days should be lit in the night
For a kiss of a smile's raging light

Before his savior took him and led him to the light
His words were casting shadow and were killing what was right
But after years of thunder came a haven made from trust
Let us now become our life's own lust

The clouds of his death were blown away
For the light in his eyes was reborn today

Try to learn to whisper to the ears that need it most
Try to follow the lost footsteps of the man who met his ghost

Take this night to light. Bring this night to light
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