Seek The Truth Testo

Testo Seek The Truth

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
How much longer will it take for us to realize
We're all here for a reason and we shouldn't stop or shut our eyes
This answer we all seek is simple, yet it's hard to get
But it is something you should never let yourself forget

This is how we shall think from this point on
This is once again the day we shall return

Why are we here in this instant?
Why does the answer feel distant?

We're here to live a life both right and good for all
'tis the joy we're bound to seek the answer to our call

This is the destiny we all need to fulfill
The balance needed to move forward what has long been still
In seas of endless joy remain the secrets we need to survive
The road to shining oceans is the one that makes you feel alive

This is how we shall live from this point on
This is how we should embrace the future's dawn
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