Four Letters Testo

Testo Four Letters

Word too large for my mouth to let out
I know you deserve more than my heart
Words too heavy for my heart to bear
Left behind like a rose in rain

Will you walk away on my last hour?
Will you walk away on my darkest hour?

I wave you the sweetest of goodbyes
Duality marks imperfection
Entropy in thought and ruin of being

Distance is the shield a heart builds
And silence is the mask it hides behind
To rest, to weep, to die again
To walk away from all your pain

What is there to strive for
When everything is lost?
When your tears have dried out
When the favors of angels are lost

Twice I laid my heart on your hands
Leaving behind nothing at all
But a hollow deep inside my chest
And bloodstains on your past.

The sweet rumor of your scent
Will forever echo in my chest

(Love) Four letters fail to synthesize
(Love) What this fragile ghost would do for you
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