Four Letters, Pt. 2 Testo

Testo Four Letters, Pt. 2

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
As the sun of the new dawn rises
Revealing skies of uncertainty
I realize these eyes had been blinded
To the beauty of this world's reality

Rest your head upon my chest
And shed your tears on my heart
And listen to these words of strength
Only meant to ease your heart

For even if you're not mine or holding my hand
And even if I'm not your heart's owner, I'm just a friend
You will never leave mine
And I will always watch your back
And I will always watch your back

Phrases of false forcefulness
But full of honest warmth
Affection, self-confidence for once
But deeper care for thy

And fret not, my dearest friend
Your life will not run past your fingers
For even if you're not by my side
You will always touch my inside

Love: Four letters fail to synthesize
What this fragile ghost would do for you

Four letters fail to synthesize
What your tender lips have done to me

Twice I laid my heart on your hands
Laying my mind in this last call
It's the start of something new
Revolution in my life!

Love: Four letters fail to synthesize
The complexity of the contents on my mind
For I see you as my confident,
My deepest, closest in many ways

My days and hours of anguish
As I feel you as the warmest ember
That keeps the blood inside my heart warm
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