Ruled By Reason Testo

Testo Ruled By Reason

Tired and alone I sit and watch
How my creations crumble down
How they get up and start to march
Towards the sea in which they drown

Disappointed I will rest
In hope to find the reasons why
These dreams of my become a pest
That make me think I should cease to try

Am I just trying too hard to be
The reason why we should all be free
Am I the reason I don't succeed?
The thing that makes it so hard to breathe

We will return
We will prevail

Trying to find the life I have known
Dying to survive and breaking this hell of mine

Once again I try to reach the sky
But all I reach is this old lie
Then failure grabs me by the hand
And whispers tears for me to cry

Lost in hell but seeking light
I see that life would not be bright
If it had not endured the painful
Dark collisions of the night

Trying once again to walk a straight line
I keep falling all the way
But one must walk first to then run

And so it is that from mistakes we learn
For we are only human
And that's what makes this fire of wisdom burn

Here we are
Walking past our nightmares hoping we will find
The way
To awaken and leave our pieces behind
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