Mask Of Salvation Testo

Testo Mask Of Salvation

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Surrender, leave it aside again
No more remorse kept in this life
Set free your wishes for a friend
Other than your bloody knife

Remember once you change your mind
You once had someone you could see
You changed, you lost, now you can't find
No enough air to breathe

Try to change your wicked ways
Try to solve this endless maze
Try to find your place in noble hearts

Seek the world and you will find
The mask of fear you hide behind
Will you beat your mind 'till life departs?

I see you as great for the eye of man
I see you as a eulogy for a friend

Compassion bursts from the inside out
Don't be afraid to drain your tears
Don't give up, don't give in
Don't let you die

Survival means conviction
Your help is your addiction
Alone your world's just fiction
We can fight

I see you as great for the eye of man
I see you as a eulogy for a friend

It's hard enough to bury a friend
It's harder to stay with him
From beginning to end

You're not alone
Why won't you lend someone a hand?
Live as one
Together we'll make a stand
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