This Broken Chain Testo

Testo This Broken Chain

Restless he wanders up and down his troubled mind
He feels there's a constant shiver running down his spine
Now and more than ever he wishes to return
But just as always wonders if the tragedies still burn

Remember the troubles of the past
Should never cross the bridge to present times that never last
The reason they remain as memories
Is because one must remember to learn from these tragedies

Still all filled with doubts and ifs he walked to meet his day
The day that would renounce to his misfortune and decay
Step by step and one by one the demons turned away
And left him the forgiveness he deserved by our today

Here and now he rests in peace with no remorse or pain
He left us with this puzzle that needs not to be explained
Hatred is the prison ball and rancor is the chain
But bold forgiveness is the key to free us from our strain
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