Go For The Gold Testo

Testo Go For The Gold

It's a miracle that we never worked out
In the first place
And it's cliché to say
But it was a lost cause from the start
Though the beginning had me grinning
A turn around was soon to show
You're good
But honey you're not that good
You know that this means more to me
And I'll show this is all I've ever be
So take it or leave it this is me
So you better get used to it
If it's you or this dream
Go ahead and pack your things
Because love or not it's all I've got
And this is the part where I never let go
Sorry you were the one who said to pick from two
Now look at you in disbelief
As you pack your bags to go
I tried to tell you upfront
And when I wasn't speaking
I tried to let my actions show
This is where I say goodnight
In the blink of an eye I'm gone
Turn away to face my days
And I'm doing it on my own
Told myself some while ago
Go for the gold and never slow down
Even if it comes to mean
I have to tell you to up and leave
A lead up to nowhere I don't care I'll stay here
I swear I heard you say we'd do this together
I know I couldn't give you
The life you always dreamed
But it takes time with these sort of things
Thought that we could take it slow
Thought I had the answers and knew where it would go
Until I realized you were just another disguise
Don't ever say I didn't warn you
Don't blame me as if you didn't know
Don't blame me it might be best you didn't know
We tried hard but yet you couldn't take
We tried hard I tried a little harder
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