Wait This Out Testo

Testo Wait This Out

I wouldn't advise holding your breath
Because baby it could be a while
I'm so sick of this watch wrapped round my wrist
Make sure to save me a kiss
For when the months get closer
Anticipating I've been waiting
And I'm ready to hit the road and so
Meet me halfway
Tell me where you want me to be
And I'll tell you where I wish I was
Time's got me by the collar it won't let me go
Guess we'll have to wait this out
Every morning that I wake
Is a morning that I take myself to the calendar
Marking days away
I hear the people speak up
Telling me we should meet up
But they don't know the situation at hand
I haven't seen you in forever
Sorry I'm worldwide
Because I'm tearing up the road
But I won't you by my side
There's an unshakable feeling
Of something simply missing
It's you
Guess we'll have to wait this out
I know it's not easy but baby believe me
Guess we'll have to wait this out
Just give it some time and it'll all be fine
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