The Cards We're Dealt Testo

Testo The Cards We're Dealt

You're a mess and I can tell
Late nights and you're sleeping all alone
Something's wrong but there's no reason
And I can't find the words to say
I wish that I could help you
I wish that I could pick you up
Though it seems as if my words
Are falling on deaf ears
Feeling better is easier said than done
So take my hand let's run
Hit the highroad and never think twice
Ease up and take that mind off that home life
Life gets rough but people like us
Deal with the cards we're dealt
We never give up
Nothing's ever too much to take
This life's only what you make it to
Be on your toes and no one knows
When it's your time to go
People like us we never make
It through life easy babe
Some get aces and some get queens
But I promise it's not as bad it seems
Let's start over and take the time to set things straight
Today's the day make no mistake
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