Story Of Strangers Testo

Testo Story Of Strangers

If only I knew his intentions
When my father wound up missing
When I was born he was too careless
To care at all
I watched my Mama's heart fall
To the ground and the sound
Of your voice in my head
Isn't this lovely
Do you even love me at all
I'm reading letters that you scribbled
On a prison wall
He's begging forgiveness
But should I forgive him
Should I have sympathy now
For a man that was never around
When I needed you most you played the ghost
In this story of strangers
When I was only three you left me
And I grew without you
To hold my hand along the way
The things that you missed
All the girls that I kissed
Those talks that we never got to have
And now behind bars you wear the scars
Of decisions that you've made
Nobody's perfect
But was it not worth it
To show your face
I've tried to become a man
But I don't quite understand
And it's all your fault
The times life got the best of me
But you weren't there to rescue me
And encourage a change
And all this shows is that this bag of clothes
Is closer to me than you are
I've been pacing through this place
Asking God what should I do
It's a shame you'll never hear me say
“I want to grow up to be just like you”
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