She's Got Class Testo

Testo She's Got Class

This whole town probably thinks I'm crazy
Because I've been talking a lot of you lately
And every time you come around
I have to catch myself from falling down
Word on the streets you're hard to get
A high class girl with the standards to match it
And I can tell you're not going to make it easy
The first few times I'm bound to fall
Preparing myself for and epic fail
But I could be the no one who gets the someone
Time to put my game to work
I'll make it worth your while
A night filled with a million smiles
And I could be the guy that shows you
A world you've never known
So what approach should I take
To get this high class girl to break
She's never came across a guy like me
Got a different style than she normally sees
I know I'm not your typical
I call it original
Just a conversation dear
how to get you over here
Trying to find the recipe
Girl to get you next to me
Gotta get you next to me
If I could find the words to say
To catch your attention and look my way
It'd all be worth it picture perfect
Let tonight sweep us away
Make tonight a memory
Something of history books
Look it can be our little secret
I won't tell a soul I swear
My lips are sealed
Words left unspoken
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