Thin Air Testo

Testo Thin Air

Where did you come from and where have you been
And I'm hoping you were meant for me
You see I've looked way too long
And still I haven't found a thing
And right when I thought I was hopeless
When I thought that I had ran out of chances
You found me
It's like you came from nowhere
Right out of thin air
And you fell into my world
Are you my one and always forever
My one and only girl
When we trounce it feels so right
After only a couple of nights
Which is crazy because it all
Feels like a dream to me
But I've heard this is how it happens
When you least expect a thing
An angel shows to let you know
That God has sent you wings
I know that we are both afraid
Our hearts on sleeves but that's ok
Chances come and chances go
But if they're missed then no one knows
If there could've been a “me and you”
A tree to carve our name into
So let's just take a chance and see
If this is destiny
Are you my one and only girl
Are you my one and only boy
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