A Friend Of Mine Testo

Testo A Friend Of Mine

Times and times we said this friendship lasts for all our life
Now we even can´t look into each other´s eyes
He says he gives a damn ´bout that our friendship fell apart
So why these hate-tags in green letters on my car?

What´s the deal and what´s the truth?
I don´t care about all the things we shared cause I got nothing to lose

I fight the feeling that I´d like to bring him down
For so many reasons and smack his face right to the ground
All the good memories fade into lies
I can´t believe this sucker´s been a friend of mine
This sucker´s been a friend

He burned my first guitar when I lay drunken in my bed
With a twenty year old whiskey in my hand
I broke my lady´s heart and now he and my ex-girlfriend
Have sex on Youporn in the internet
I want to give it back every single thing he did
But then I realize no I can´t be like this
Why can´t I be like this?