A Fucked Up Love Testo

Testo A Fucked Up Love

She was a young girl when she lost her mother and her mind

Her drunken father tore her dreams and her pride
She met a boy who promised her that he would blast
Every shadow coming up from the past

He ripped off her captivity and burned her broken home

Right on their way to hell and back – ooh
They stop at nothing to perform their own freak show
To the hell and back – ooh
They give a fuck give a fuck about life and death around

They don´t fear anything ´cause they got nothing left to lose
Kill everyone who tries to stop their blood-route
Without an aim their journey is its own reward
Impossible to bring the ship back to the shore

Their best friend is insanity to leave this all behind

Surrounded by the cops they close their eyes
In a hail of bullets they fuse forever
Crashed down like a plane from a turbulent flight
Lived alone but die together