The Dream I Live In Testo

Testo The Dream I Live In

I get lost and find myself again
every day
searching for another helping hand
that shows me the way
to fulfil my one and only dream
to be a man
whose music tears fences
whose songs are not senseless
can I use my chances
is this a dream I live in
and what´s left of me in the end
again and again
I feel so naked under my skin

every day there is a doubt in me
if it´s right
to make a dream become reality
if this is the price
that I lose my girl and all my friends
cause there´s no place
for anything else in
my life cause I´m selfish
could anyone help me

every day I keep on asking
myself what I could lose or win
if I would change the way I am
this is the dream that I live in
the dream that I live in
the dream that I live in
is this my jail
or my way
could anybody help me