Stupid Tragedy Testo

Testo Stupid Tragedy

Is there anyone out there who´s with me when I sing these lines?
Got everything but nothing to lose and raise my hands up to the sky
Sometimes I feel on stage what comes up from my inside
But even more I really hate the stupid tragedy of my life

But I´m singing I got Paris Pink and Kylie but it´s hard to please me
Yes it´s true don´t care what they say now they call me every day
I kiss a lady´s ass goodbye without a reason
Who could show me what it´s like to fuck with feelings?
Tonight I´m drunken on TV with my best friends and my band
I got the chance to live my dream but I want what I can´t get I don´t care

To quit fighting with me but it´s not easy as it seems
´Cause I am just a freak who keeps on fucking Paris Pink and Kylie
Tear up my toy heart my paranoia
Stand in frontline of the war in my mind
How could I stop kissing goodbye without a reason?
Could you show me what it´s like to fuck with feelings?