Crawlers Testo

Testo Crawlers

I live inside a stinky cowpat
This is my destination I fulfill it
Why do you think my life should be bad?
I know some people who would die for my shit

I´m always feeling warm not scared of any storm
Don´t say I break the norm

Why do you step onto me we crawlers are so small?
I won´t break ´though I might fall
Why do you wanna kill me you´ll never get us all?
I can´t walk but I can crawl, I can crawl, I can crawl

I am your scare under the shower
Can you be sure that you won´t meet me in there?
I didn´t know I had the power
But after all what you´ve done to me this seems quite fair

I moved out of my pat how do you feel ´bout that?
Well I think I should rent your flat

It is great where I live now it is great how I live now
And it is great that you´re scared now it is great that you´re shocked now

Shock - Great that you´re scared now
Shock - Great that I shock now
Shock - Won´t leave my home until I´m here alone