My Misery Testo

Testo My Misery

My life ain´t silent but loud I breathe in I breathe out
But what would be if I were dead?
I try hard but I can´t find a way to answer
The questions I got in my head
I fall asleep lonely the night´s creeping slowly
And it is not easy for someone to lead me right out of my misery

I die my way on some days but one-man armies could win wars
I feel alive within this fight until I find my way right out of my misery
Sometimes I act so numb like I´m blind deaf and dumb
Tell me what I´m waiting for?
I´m not that guy who walks in a line
Got everything but I want more
I will need a bottle I will need some thrills
Until there´s a person I need more than pills to fade out my misery

There´s a thin line that cuts my world in what´s bad and what is worse
If there´s noone who changes my course