I'm Alright Testo

Testo I'm Alright

You said we´d meet again
I know that this is just a phrase that doesn´t make no sense
I feel as lost as you

I don´t know how to change the difference between me and you
I´m alright I´m OK but it´s you I can´t replace

Why don´t you turn around
To take a look into my eyes we knocked ourselves so down
I stare the other way
You no longer care for me there´s nothing left to say

I don´t wanna change the world
But the world is changing me myself my mind I lose myself
Let´s get out of here
There´s no reason left for me no reason left to stay

My fears take shape this is more than I can take
´Cause it´s you I can´t replace
Feels like I´m in jail though I left this golden cage
´Cause it´s you I can´t replace
I can´t replace your place at all but now I´m alright