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Testo Anti-Smiles

Everyone's anti
No one wants to smile [x2]

We all like to chuckle
But when we're alone, our face is locked in a frown
We like to build sand castles
And complain when they get knocked down

I write out all my anger, and scream out all my stress
I'm trying to make hate a stranger
While getting discouragement undressed
I stared success in the eye and noticed a difference
The one's who get a conversation stick with it
While the others just sit around talking about how they're gifted
Tonight they'll talk about determination and passion
Tomorrow they'll do nothing
Except procrastinate in fashion
And if I catch anymore popularity I'll be selling out
And if anyone buy's my shirts
Stickers or albums, I'll be a sell out
So I guess the only way
For anyone to know my name is to yell and shout
God forbid you should make money for doing what you love
God forbid I'm happy for a second back stroking thru my blood
When did singing songs become a crime?
Tickets to my left, ATM's to my right
It seems I'm going broke $20 at a time
Come watch the cynics cut me from head to toe
Then join me for a swim in salt water
Bravery told me courage sold everything she owned
Cause she was afraid fear would rob her
Arrogance and jealousy had a kid named ignorant
Ignorant met genius and hypocrit was their daughter
Dave and debby had a kid named chris
Who went to school and didn't like to be bothered
Chris had an imaginary friend named time
Who liked to stay up all night
Writing raps until he woke up in his slobber

Until he woke up in his anti


The dumbest thing I ever saw a person do was nothing
Let me drown in my shit
I'm gonna die with my ship
Talking to the ghost of captain Nemo
But watch what you say
Cause if you talk about love they'll call you emo
And if you write about you're feelings they'll call you a faggot
But pay they no mind
I keep writing from dissapointing inspiration out of habit
I'm still waiting until the day I can save the one I love
And point the gun at the eye of the rabbit
The rumors arent true, that song wasn't about you
But it's true, that song would be nothing without you
And I got to keep writing cause I can't keep opening wounds at these shows
I'm simply trying to heal from my art writing songs as I grow
And I know, not every thing I do is perfect
But I feel every word I write is worth it
They say I can't do it
I think I can, why the fuck can't I?
I finally got a date with persistance
But I'm gonna dumb her cause her smiles were anti
It was a one night lay I made her leave the same night
Tugging her cargo of agony
I'm as beautiful as a statistic
I'm as famous as dawn davenport stabbing me
I got one dad, that's enough
And I love him, thank you much
And lord lay me to rest the day my soul suffers from neglect
I just want to write songs
That give people the chills and goosebumps on their necks


Everyone's high, now they want to smile