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Testo Friend Minus R

All my friends are turning into assholes
They used to be priceless, but god you can take em
If it's one thing I learned it's that
The more you're around people, the more you hate them
Pick my brain and try to pick out my eyes
But I'm that emerald city bound scarecrow
Who got his heart ripped out
Chasing goals accidentally stepping on their toes
They're mad they never found that wizard
That courage, dignity or jacket
Before that hell frozen over blizzard
There's a thing called TRUST and when that "T"
Runs away to be TOUCHED all you're left with is RUST
There's a thing called loyalty, it got it's "L"
From LIES, who betrayed and left him
Only to leave him with an open "I"
I never want to be lonely so I end all my words with an "S"
But I refrain from keeping disappointment plural
But it's kind of hard cause I've seen goals get distracted by girls
I've seen violence, I've seen money ruin lives
I've seen it all on a tupac mural
We're all ready dead, maybe that's why input says FUCK the WORLD

We run red lights just to get to the next
All we want is money, drugs and sex
We plant our addictions and water the weeds
A friend minus R ain't nothing but a fiend

I've been intimidated
I've been depressed
I've been afraid
I've seen relationships fade
I've seen friendships end in a day
After being built for a decade
What's the difference between 10 years and 10 tears?
It all feels the same when you're living the moment
It's easy to hate, it's easy to blame
It's harder to look in the mirror and face and your opponent
What's a friend, what's a companion, what's a partner?
What's a key without a starter?
It used to be bros before hoes but now you're the gardener
We used to stay out all night, looking for girls, our moms would hate us
But would have known the same thing we were looking for would separate us?
Instead of giving your R to reality to gave it to dRugs and distRactions
Losing site of your dReams and a friend without a R ain't nothing but a fiend
I got goals I'm hungry, you had goals you ate
So you took your H from happiness and turned it into hate
They say attachments dangerous, but it's detaching that hurts
It's sad to think you'll get sick of the one you love
But the thought of them getting sick of you first is worst
But if push ever comes to love, I'm a tell it no I don't wanna make none
Don't get used to me, I like your smile I don't wanna see a fake one
Mistakes are made but sometimes it takes 9 months to make one
I got dreams I'm a go and try to get em done
Cause I don't wanna have a day job past 21
Have fun smoking with your lust at the bar
And maybe one day you'll find that R (fuck you)