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Testo Depression 200 Mg

My soul rises and seen like respiration in 30 degrees

It's another beautiful day
Suns out but all I see is black and white
Everything's so dull, everything's so boring
Everything's so repetitive, so so repetitive
My Prozac's the best on the market but drama's the best sedative
A closed mouth don't get fed but neither does one talking to much to swallow
Neither does one filled with pills, cigarettes and bottles
I wanna know why vampires bite
I wanna know why dead poet's write
I wanna know what triggers the muscles when the frowns ignite
No, I really want to know is this what a good song sounds like
Let it rain flesh and blood till your clothes turn red and your shoes rot off
Nirvana I finally made, walk around naked cause the sweatshops are dehydrated
Drink the tears, they taste like ocean
Drink the fears, they taste like illusion
I'm in my silver Delorian cruising towards confusion
Having a blitzkrieg with gravity but losing
No airbags doc, let me welcome the cranium contusions
Let me welcome death for a while
Let me welcome the anti-smiles

It's another average ugly night and here I am
At AwareNess' trying to write again
Trying to express how I feel but I'm just forcing shit
My body is my temple and the worries are torching it
My sanctuaries numb and synagogues in ruins
These milligrams are fun but there's no telling what the side effects is doing
Everybody's listening for nothing
They like to sit around and rewind the times when they were blue
The walls don't have ears, the gossiping assholes behind them do
Stuff me with hopeless till it hurts
Then serve me chocolate covered locusts with a side of discouragement for dessert
They say you got to pay your dues, but how much is every empty show and song worth?
Everybody's dying
Don't rhyme, don't rhyme to that
James Dean is dead, ain't we all who ain't dead
We buy books on how to love and live but fuck the how to
Fuck the material, Fuck the hate
Focus on what you love and value
I feel heavy but there's no primate on my lumbar
They tell me to walk towards the light, but that's where all the moths got fried
So now the darkest passage always tempts me
My problems feel like weight on my shoulders
But every time I open the baggage it's empty
I love life, I hate people, I feel like crying cause I wrote those last sentences
Nothing matters, sorry for the hopeless penmanship
Sorry for the sloppy cursive
Sorry my life doesn't have sub-titles
Sorry you can't fucken read

Smiles the verb anti's the adjective