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Testo Sa Ta Ta

Oh there they go again
They're seconds running for the cliff
They'll fall for a minute
Then splatter to an hour
And decompose for a day
The bones'll sit there for a couple years
They'll turn to dust in a decade
And blow around for centuries
But all that's a light year away
I give a damn about the future
Cause I'm right here today
The past is a plague, I'm trying to write it away
Santa Claus is fake my parents always gave me the present
So I'm a open today
Let me open today
Baby they'll come out of nowhere
Run up in your mouth
Do anything they wanna do
Turn that frown down south
From the smile up north
From anywhere you wanna go
Baby adjust your course, this world is a circus
I don't really think so
I've seen a lot of clowns
But they never were in suits
Just by themselves red nose and briefcase
That's all you wanna do, just tell the truth in case
I got some things to say
I just wanna smile before I die
And if I never do that then kill me right now
Hey there baby I heard some different sounds
I gotta lotta things to say
But not a lotta time
Keep on listening baby I promise they'll rhyme
That's why they call them songs
If they're not then it's all wrong
Then it must be something else maybe
We're all step ladders falling down the rings
Falling down the ladders to the bottom of the trapeze
Hey there baby, come with me
They'll be elephants, everything you wanted to see
You could come if you'd like, if not then let me know
Take you to the moon, I'll take you to mercury
I'll take you anywhere you wanna go
Baby you're sure to see
Miracles, explosions, gods and devils
Anything you wanna do baby we can go
On different places, different levels
Different oceans, different lakes
Anything you wanna do
There's no such thing as mistake
Come one come all enjoy the anti-smiles show