Treat Me Like A Villain Testo

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Testo Treat Me Like A Villain

Calm, stay calm, just stay calm

People play every show like it's their first
I play it like it's my last
Cobain told me to stick with music, he said it was a blast
Don't come up to talking without your mouth moving, I'll know it's merely a mask
Cause everyone's fake, I feel like I'm walking through a wax museum
It's funny how everyone has idols but they'll never be them (be your own)

Every day's a circular step closer to the climax of your dreams
Goals are affirmations and people are discouraging (so discouraging)
Fear is doing something you're not suppose to
Success is letting yourself float with the current
Staying with the people you're close to
Friends are time bombs, green with envy and red on the inside like a watermelon
Everyone I grew up with patronizes me like a superhero then treats me like a villain
But only vampires wear capes, only pharaohs are fed grapes
And only liars believe the truth
All the Lois Lanes I tried to save died so now god locked all the phone booths
I tried to run from my problems but my head was with me the whole time
So I'm looking for a guillotine that doesn't have a 2 hour line
When I punch in I'm a part-time monkey washing floors and taking orders like a robot
When I punch out I'm a parking ticket collector who brags about all the doe he's got
All the nothing I got
I'm not a super hero by any means
I'm an average Samaritan with doubts who likes to sing
(AwareNess: So I told him, you know
I'm just another american caught in between inspiration and depression)
I'm just another American caught in between
Inspiration and depression in front of a canvas
With no brush trying to paint his dream
But all I do is bitch about how I can't find my niche
While standing in a treeless forest holding a battle axe
Hate is a virus and it destroys habitats
Gossip is contagious, here's some shut the fuck up pills, have a pack
I'm just trying to do what makes me happy, hoping to unravel some paths
Giving opinions the 32 degree shoulder, mutilating manikins murdering certainty
And stabbing the facts, with AwareNess' knife
Keep running, the last guy that turned around found a javelin in his mask
I found anti-smiles on my mask
Now they say

Beauties on the inside but most humans are hollow
Tears on my blue face
Fear in my suit case
Give me a kiss, Chris I'll be gone by tomorrow
I'm disgraced from face to shoelace, my shadow won't even follow
And I know, that things will get better someway somehow and I smile
Cause I can see you clearly now

If love is blind then hate has 20/20 vision
So let's give all the homeless glasses and all the teachers contacts
(AwareNess: Sometimes I'm scared so I ditch all my classes watching time fade)
So they can see their paychecks and every student in their overfilled classes
There's a smile under these lips and mind behind these bloody nostrils
Every day's a waking dream making the past a nightmare of fossils
No man is an island but I'm a peninsula surrounded by grief
Cry me an ocean or cry me a creek, drown me in your river
Cry me a planet then cry for relief
I've seen people smile so much their cheeks ache
Sometimes I stare long enough to watch until it decays
People are crops and humans are locust so...
Love is hopeless
Nothing is hopeless except smiles blood and...
Goals are the blueprints towards your dreams
But I ran out of bricks now passion is my cement
Every architect is my role model
I was happy being the captain 'til I found out we were trapped inside this bottle
(smile and choke on yourself)