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Testo Calm.died

April 16th 2006,
Calm died
Chris went crazy
Awareness was along for the ride
Time was behind the wheel
Cussing up a storm
Chavo was in the passenger seat
His temper was a little warm

I used to hate everyone
Now I say fuck everyone
They're either patronizers or liers
Strapping me to the stake
With their handshakes fueling the fire
They like to smile but they're all deceivers
They'll promise company then be the first to leave ya
But along the way we've met a few believers, bless em all
I promise you'll be on the guest list
With front row seats on the bleachers
You supported us
Ever since we dedicated our lives to speakers
I tried to be one but kept blowing em out
Plus I could'nthear what I was saying
Cause the monitors never work, so I'm sorry if I shout
I'm not really mad, just pissed off
We made a couple goals but still having trouble
With crossing the checklist off
I've seen bad knees, lung surgeries and tour poverty
But I don't give a fuck, I just cough it off

You were right, were underground cause we suck
5 years later AwareNess and Time still not signed
Or giving 3 fucks
When is the non existent calm album coming out they say
But before speaking for others ambitions
Accomplish something for yourself that day
They say it's all about getting drunk and smoking weed
But I'm sick of watching people's nose bleed
Lovers cheat, and girls waking up to find out about an
Unexpected pregnancy (baby just cough it off)

When they lost me, I found myself
Now they wonder why I don't party anymore
I got a party in my soul, it's called music
I got an after party in my heart, it's called love
Bring on the juice and cookies I'm a write this next song in

Let me eat now, cause I know the worms'll eat me later
Go ahead and stab me at the next show
You'll be doing our record sales a favor
I don't really know what fame is, but I wouldn't mind being

I respect women a cowards the only I refer to as a bitch
And I hate people who talk shit
And say they're just joking
They're so full of it I'm surprised their tonsils arent choking

You're right, we're independent cause we're not good enough
To be on a label
But time's have changed
Instead of ripping up contracts
I simply delete em in my e-mail
I'm sick of battling everyone's cousin
Every emcee thinks they're the best
I used to think that too until I found out I wasn't
Everyone else wants to put you in a category
And tell you what's wrong with you
But all I can say is shut the fuck up
And let the song do what it do

This is AwareNess, his soul speaks through beats and drums
I go by Time the one who fights with his tongue
And if we ever stop doing what we love
Go ahead and pull the trigger twice on your gun
This is for your Anti-Smiles
Your depression and fear
This is Calm. a pill in your ear
Don't worry we'll probably dissolve in a year
Cause calm. died calm. died calm. died