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Testo She Spoke Spanish

The devil speaks spanish I met her in Denver
She had a pixie cut and a Hepburn strut
She said good was love, happiness and never saying sorry
Evil was screwing strangers
After cocktail parties
So here we are at the top of a parking garage
We were eating burger king then she asked for a massage
I pulled her shirt up
Admired the olive skin then I gently scratched
Her back then ran my finger over her bra strap
She laughed, patted me on the cheek and said thanks for the rub
She spreaded her wings, gave me a wink and said demons don't love
She stepped to the edge and did a swan dive from 6 stories high
She was just a falling angel didn't want to fly
Her wings arent broken and the sky isn't falling
I keep my phone on silent
But still look for the light in hopes that's she's calling
I hope that she's calling

Where you going madam of the dark damned past
Where you going madam how long is this gonna last

2 years later and I'm buckled in a airplane
Unshaven heartbroken but the stare is the same
Wishing I could tear out my brain
Cause that's where the drug is
Somewhere in between, my memory and my luggage
I'm standing in the middle of san fran
Without a damn plan wishing I had a fucken gun in my hand
I ain't got no pulse I left my heard in north Denver
On the side of Federal on top of a note I never sent her
But here I am, looking for love on Haight Street
But all I see are drugs, questions and answers with maybes
Then all of a sudden, my periods turned to commas
And my, paragraphs filled with pauses
My questions marks turned to exclamations points
Cause around the corner came my parking garage goddess
Her hair was a little longer
But she still had those same big beautiful eyes
She gave me a smile and I felt my 2 year misery die
Then it all came back when she spread those 2 wings that I despised
I told her that I loved her
Why? was the only question she could ask
I put my hand on her cheek kissed her like Scarlet O'Hara
Then watched her wings turn to ash
Her horns turned into a halo of smoke
Her forked tongue, turned to a spoon
I blinked once I found myself, back in Denver
Standing next to her in my living room
I tried to shake off the confusion
I rubbed my eyes, but as they focused she disappeared
I stumbled to my bathroom
And saw her reflection was me, standing in the mirror
All I saw was the devil, standing in the mirror
Her reflection was me standing in the mirror
All I saw was the devil, standing in the mirror

Where'd you go madam of the dark damned past
Who am I madam how long's this gonna last