12 Rounds Testo

Testo 12 Rounds

[Hook x2: Kaos]
Oh yes mami, come over here and
Lay your head on daddy chest mami
And plus ill put them hickies down on
Yo necks mami, we could be goin
12 rounds without no rest mamiiii

[Verse 1: Kemo]
Say baby girl, its a shady world
And I'm a gorilla up out that STL, they say we thurl
I know my hands small, that don't mean nuttin
Wait till you peep what's behind my drawers
You ain't seen nuttin, comin out them jeans bustin
Comin out them scenes flushin, so many rubbers
down my toilet clogged and the neighbors seen sumthin
These nights I dream of em, these nights I'm mean thrustin
In and out, from the front to the back to the side
Let me ride that mean muffin, now girl you know its on
I'm bout to make you moan, ooh you lookin so tasty in them thongs
You know you wrong, and baby when we bone
We gon play this song, not Mary J. Blige, not no Joe, not Darnell Jones
Let me on clear my fonk, baby Kemo be grown, Ima go so
Alone you gon be like "what type of drugs you on?"
Lemme skip the foreplay, down on our fours legged
Down like you ol mami and you a rug off in her hallway

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Kaos]
Hmm so you feelin frisky hmm? comin out them Vicki's
Girl to lick me plus you tipsy hmm
Why don't you and yo partnas go and get busy (yes'ir yes'ir)
In the back of that Navi, girl what-every
No clothes, but 3 hoes, Depris and Jackie
Plus we bout to pick up so mo, but we gotta hit the liquor sto'
First mo, make a drive across that bridge cuz
And hit that scene-o, meet wit 5, dime look for my derty Kemo
It's about to be a freak show, that's what be crackin and it happens
Every end of the week hoes, end up babbin and flabbin
Bouncin to the Beat down the block, bout to hit up Castle Lot
That's the spot, these freaks is geekin, kissin each other in the mouth
Ya we like em hot, when it comes to a nah'jae baby
You know where I be (hmm)
Layin in the bed with her good friend
Lettin yo best friend massage me

[Hook x2]