Da Hol' 9 Testo

Testo Da Hol' 9

(feat. Mr MC Feezee)

[Talking: 1- Kemo 2- Kaos]
[1] Uhhh...ok, let it run
Oh we recordin?
[2] Yeah
[1] Oh..
[2] Spit that shit nigga
[1] Gonna spit this shit here
[Verse 1: Kemo]
I'll take you back to when I was a kid
When I used to let them Kirkwood bitches suck my dick
Hope I won't doin no time when the summer end
Now add 2 to 99 bitch what you come up wit?
Real nigga STL, the fuckin slums
I kill niggas that's too bad, I got my gun
Now I slept up wit some mattresses and couldn't eat
I'm tryin to make my way from steak and pickin pigs feet
From rollin 6 deep, bustin out the wager-neer
See I'm a hunter, but bitch I ain't cappin deer
I'm tryin to put some muthafuckas in some body bags
Whole 9, flatline through your body bag
Thurl shit, thurl figgas, and thurl clothes
Thurl click, thurl niggas and thurl hoes
The world thinkin that Kemo ain't up on his toes
I watch my fuckin back cuz I never know all my foes

[Hook: 1- Kemo 2- Kaos]
[2] What the fuck you niggas comin wit?
[1] Da Hol' 9 dogg
[2] Oh you niggas got some thurl shit
[1] Right on it derty
"What the fuck ya'll niggas workin wit?"
[1] We wit that nah'jae
"So where you wanna meet us at?"
[1] Down in the lobby

[Verse 2: Mr. McFeezee]
Da Hol' 9 derty, pounds and swoll dimes derty
A hustle horse so I can 'ford mines derty
Betta watch yo back you wouldn't think
That a nigga like me would come across that ass
And snatch that mink, watch how you shine
Put ya face in the front of articles, don't interrupt the way
I'm breakin down my particles, just first for work
Betta believe that I'm the first to jerk, aim participatin
Hard portions of the game, when you itch my click
When you carry plushisions of dick
30 pounds, fake problems plus hittin them bricks
Da Hol' 9 nigga


[Verse 3: Kaos]
You can't get no mo outta me I'm like hoes wanna get they tube socks
The 9 is my strap, keeps it on my back that plus my shoe size
I'm a thurl ass cat, wit 9 lives but ya'll can cut, its like yo line mo
Da Hol' 9 wit me see I'm like that combo, nah mo
6 times the niggas try to subtract and divide Da Hol' 9
But he was just 'vodin it, and none of this shit like 2 loads up in the toilet
We like 2 straights up in that sergeant, got you by margin
And Mr. McFarland and none of this shit is funny like Shining Marlin
I remember when you give me play, but now its he say, she say
You fine now, he rhyme now, Kaos he DJ
He bring that heat up in the speakers girl he on the Beat
Cuz he fuck wit Trisha and Shaniqua but them freaks skeet
But you see these hoes keep my name in they mouth like dick
But I don't get it, I must be the shit (derty you ain't kick it)
I guess you right though, who's gives a fuck about a lil' trife ho
That shit be blowin, pass a nigga the fuckin light mo

[Kaos Talking]
....Blow him, THATS ITS RUSS!
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