Click Clack Testo

Testo Click Clack

(feat. Lil' Jon)

[Lil' Jon Talking]
YEAH! check this out (what's up?)
You bout to witness, some real muthafuckin game (okay)
All the way from the muthafuckin STL (okay)
Wit ya boy Lil' Jon (YEAH!) that's me nigga (uh-huh)
ATL, its goin' down, Kemo (YEAH!), my nigga Kaos (YEAH!)
So spit that muthafuckin real shit for these bitch ass niggas (uh uh)
[Hook x2: 1- Kemo 2- Kaos]
[1] Click clack, click clack goes the AK
[2] You know mo get left in the urr, yes'ir yes'ir so uh
[1] It's pistol play, every day, all daaaaay
[2] There's too many niggas that I know from the block
get knocked and uh..

[Verse 1: Kemo]
I'm a, grinda fuck off my dick
I'm a, reach back slap the fuck out my bitch
Dump rounds, watch shells jump the fuck out the clip
36 ounces on the scale, chop the fuck out a brick
Damnit I'm sick, watch me while I handle my shit
Eat bitch niggas for breakfast like ham and my grits
Rollin them bole, cross me and I'm smokin yo ho
Just because I live out here there ain't no control of the MO
Holdin the fo', fo' cock it back then I blow
The brains out the other side of yo 'fro
Muthafucka because you jivin them mo'
Bend over, you know that I'm the pride of the M.O.
Jump out the bushes like "surprise" on the mo
We on yo block, with the cake and no need for no glock
It's a hatin I receivin yo spot
I just wanna be yo cut so muthafuckin bad my dick ain't hard
I spray AK Allay, 45 hundred tips off in yo jaw bitch

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Kaos]
Niggas try me like new pussy but always end up gettin fucked
Cuz I'm takin niggas heads off like Chris Pronger wit that puck
See all the niggas that I roll wit give out punkin heads urry week
Dumpin lead, thurl g's, run up in the club pumpin shit
We out that Lou, I thought you knew me and my crew is unstoppable
Like Warner to Faulk, Hakim, Proehl, Holt & Bruce
You couldn't top us or stop us wit choppas or proper voppers
Derty if you paid for it, even if you prayed for it
It ain't gon' happen like yo squad beatin the Lakers in 4
It ain't gon' go mo, yo boys want mo'
They roll wit bitch niggas, pussy whipped niggas, big lipped niggas
Them talk shit niggas, can't get rich niggas, you know them
Get pissed niggas that's always wit niggas, that make a bitch
Trick niggas, them skeet lil' shady slick niggas, we lunatic niggas
Keepin them brick niggas, switch hit niggas, sit and sip niggas
Them nina click niggas

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Kemo]
Now watch me, parlay to the muthafuckin Cut' and get my gat
Investigate all you want, you ain't never know where my pistol at
No suspect, no motives, no witnesses, no clue
Nigga my alibis that I don't know what the fuck done happened to you's
Wit my crew that night, drank a brew that night, shake a booty that night
Act a fool tonight, celebrate put 17 shots off in you tonight
Seems to be another kinda red comin from ya head in
The same slum wit a government infrared deal
Same stuff and a real deal, same song wit that la-bel
And I gotta keep my shit cocked cuz the block be hot
That's why I be screamin that same shit (what kind of shit nigga?)
Insane shit, I remember when we used to get up on the roof and
Nigga the next police ride down this muthafuckin nigga we shootin
Hoes in a blue suit and hideout, regroup and
Every pistol we shoot man, we gotta use 2 hands
Nigga I'm comin, nigga I'm gunnin', nigga I'm bustin, nigga you runnin
Jumpin, nigga you duckin'

[Hook x4]