Slow Ya Roll Testo

Testo Slow Ya Roll

[Verse 1: Kemo]
13 derty, packin artillery
Yo couzin, scandalous
Yo brother, killin heat
yo mother, cant tell you jack shit no, how it really be
Even though she used to blow em high like Billy D
Took a while to really see
After reading so many obichoaries
Watchin them jump likes 1's and 3
Neither one was me, or you, posted in them dungarees
Thermal underwear, temperature 1 degree
Stackin you cheese hopin one day you gon become to be
The youngest shock caller out the north side of the St. Louie
Just for slangin D, but slow ya roll 'fore you take that road
Man there's some thangs you gotta know
Gon be some brains you gotta blow
So many things you can't control, plenty probation and parole
Sit in your basement like the Crow, razorblade, a plate and a O
Take it from me derty mo you cant let them told

[Hook: Kaos]
Slow ya roll lil' mo, slow ya roll
Slow ya roll lil' mo, slow ya roll
Slow ya roll lil' mo, slow ya roll
Slow ya roll lil' mo, slow ya roll

[Verse 2: Kaos]
See you only lil' dude in school rollin down the block on them dubs
Urbody want to be ya partna, urbody wanna be your girl
Urbody show you love, urbody wanna ride, it seems like
Urbody wanna come sit inside, Urbody wanna get high
Urbody spendin on more than they die
Urbody wanna sit wit you, that ain't cool if you ain't down
Wit ya crew that ain't cool if you ain't out skippin school
That ain't cool if lil' dude pissed at you, urbodys mockin ya
Urbody jockin ya, urbodys watchin ya, yes sir they are
You gettin yo shine on, you gettin yo grind on
That's cool lil' mo, but what about all these folk run around
Here smokin that dope, what they gonna tell they folk?
Get up fast to show, I'll get off my ass and go, I'll go to class
Take notes, tap my folks cuz they cash ain't gold
Nah lil' mo, see ya problem is that you do what you choose
Don't wear your shoes cuz they don't fit, lil' dude to the mall
That ain't cool, take him down the right road and eventually
You'll feel good about yoself, everything you do is cool to them
Ay derty mo they need yo help, so slow ya roll


[Kemo: talking]
Say lil' mamy why don't you come holla at them big homies for a minute
You know what I'm sayin, I know you see all these cats out herre talkin bout
The orange testarons on the Ferrari on they songs man you see that all in them
Videos man, that ain't, that ain't man that ain't where it's at man, that ain't where
It's at for you dogg, you gon get out herre and do all the wrong things tryin to keep up
Wit them Jones' dogg, you gon find all yourself all in flat man, know I'm sayin?
You don't wanna go down the same road I went through man, you don't want your
House kicked in dogg, know I'm sayin? you don't wanna be face down on the concrete
Dogg, what you know bout that lil' mamy? what you know bout that? you need to
Slow yo roll...