That Hella Thurl Shit Testo

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Testo That Hella Thurl Shit

[Talking: 1- Kaos 2- Buck Bam Sham 3- Kemo]
[1] Young Buck Bam Shammer (laughing)
[2] Whut's up derty
[1] Give us some of that hella thurl G shit nigga
[3] Ya nigga gon lay some nigga dogg

This that hella thurl shit
This that hella thurl shit
(That hella thurl shit nigga)
This that hella thurl shit
This that hella thurl shit
(That hella thurl shit nigga)

[Verse 1: Kaos]
Dubs, 22's, 24's, it don't matter what you roll mo
Hoes freakin summin for the low low
Iced out, tatt'ed out, bitches sattin ass out
Urbody fucked up shit, got niggas passed out
Titties floppin, niggas watchin, hoes nina poppin
Cedric rounds of that STL, A.K.A. Hatytown
Two do' Cuttie, burnin money
You ain't gotta hold it for me
All my niggas ballin, bitch, she gotta luv it
Smashin hella hos, havin hella dros mo
Rolls, bank mo
20's, 50's and 1 double O
Always actin bad, pants sagged, du rag
Tilted hat, to the back
Yellin where them hoes at

[Hook: Kaos & Chipmunk Voice]
This is that shit for all them bitches and thugs
That beat they subs, pullin up to them clubs
In them trucks, and you ain't gon see shit
But smoke in up out of they nose, cuz all my
Biggas stayed blowed, 24's, that's how we roll
We the type of niggas that'll take that chick
You been wit, for 6 months but see we blitz that bitch
And then we set it out derty, oh
Taches comin off our mouth derty
And then she's gettin the fuck out derty

[Verse 2: Kaos]
Woke up quick, lil' derty at about noon
Babba Bam, Kemo Feezy and my nigga Lil' Chuma
They had, 4 red bones wit a wig, 2 Philippino twins
About to get a suite, kick it in the Chestire Inn
Roll through the dub, bumpin that Hol' 9
Young niggas on my block throwin up gang signs (URR URR!)
Lemme holla at ya derty, goddamnit
We got them trees, them sunflowers without no seeds

[Verse 3: Mr. McFeezee]
Get it like these, get it off that issue
Hot enough to burn through the skin tissue
When the smoke on the way to the mental
Skate bird, they fall off the windshield
Think of all my folks in the pen
I'ma stop, push the end of the boulder
Where ya wanna go, to the ocean again
Tryin to cop wit my pen, keep my herb po-bag in
Tell me where the crack bag is, scales crazy fool inflate
And none of this past is, watchin us
Stickin out of end of the block wit binocular
The hoes say hi, I'ma show you where the tri-piggas at
Checkin out where the helicopters at, boy poppin the gat
Askin em where the hospital at, Mr. McFeezee


[Verse 4: Kemo]
Gangstas, coke dealers, cold scrilla, poverty
Robbery, I'm the neighborhood, role model be
Little kids follow me, teach ghetto psychology
Catch me with the glock next to my cock
And the crack rock'll be
On the way wit Chuma dogg, let's clear up the rumors y'all
Niggas get 26 for bricks, get em for 22 at Ball
Plus my nigga Kaos keep the haos say, parlay I say
Parlay ya dig, pistol play fuck up my day and shit
Weigh this shit, make each one them bitches 28 a zip
We came a long way from choppin yay wit razor blades and shit
Erase a bitch, we rule ya whole existence from the face of this
Nation-ish, consider potential customers of my place or bed
These Show-Me state niggas, they love it when we pack these shows
And watch these labels give me money, stack stack my flow
Speakin on these fuckin subjects that a rapper know
Don't mean to jump off of the subject, but I slap a ho


[Chipmunk Voice Talking]
This some wild ass shit ain't it?
I know you sittin there like "what the fuck?"
America, home of the fuckin dope
Fuck, motherfuckin Bam Sham, you did it again
You fuckin goddamn he did it again
Hella Thurl, Hol' 9
Goddamn you motherfuckas did it again
Another hot ass track, you motherfuckas