Nahjae Testo

Testo Nahjae

That nah'jae...[x4]

[Verse 1: Kemo]
Can't remember bein this big, know what I mean love
You can see the dick grin, through my jeans
Fuck Superman and Clark Kent, I'm a machine gun
Every time a nigga cut, they get ya teens up
Every time I'm in the club, you shake that thing for
Me and all the homies girl, I'm like a fiend for
The way you bounce it all around, and shake it real fast
Then you drop it to the ground, you got a fat ol' ass
Baby go both ways, she like dyke and black
Stick the pussy in her face, she be likin that
Stick ya pipe in that, she got the tightest cat
Nigga that's why I keep on comin back, it's like it's crack
Why you tryin to front and shit? now take ya ass home
And run up in your stomach trick, and break the backbone
Put the Profolac on, now tuck ya ass on
"Ahhh I'm coming!", now take ya ass home

[Hook 1: Kaos]
Girl now you know you wanna fuck so what's up
Why you bullshittin wit the pussy plus
You a freaky bitch, down for the nah'jae
Suck that dick like it's a hobby shit
Bring them lips herre and massage me

[Verse 2: Kemo]
Titties and thighs, I think she get it through servin my guys
I treat the bitch to burger and fries
She sucked my dick while I'm swervin the ride
I'm back up on it to win it, third eye lurkin inside
Do ya thing girl I like it when ya dance like that
You know my name girl, Kemo don't romance like that
5 flowers and shit, fuckin for hours and shit
Makin love in the shower in shit

[Verse 3: Kaos]
Ya mo, but why bother the bitch?
If she's a pro let her gobble the dick
And when I skeet, baby swallow don't spit
Damn I know you wanna holler and shit
I hear you supposed to be a doctor at this
Make sure you wash the fuckin prada lil' bitch
And you wanna do the hump raw, and pump
Naw I want it from the side, I can see that lump cha
Girl I wanna see you take in, then
Beat it against ya chin, kiss it just like your girlfriend
Cuz I loves it when you let me sip the tip down on that bottom
Lickin lip, you mix it and then you swallow then you spit
Right down the middle of this dick, you blow out
Curl my toes and smear it that lipstick, shit
My dick ain't grows to be a yard or so
Now keep suckin, keep stuffin
And get it harder yo, and get keep cuffin these nuts
and I ain't ready, I'm holdin the Trojan
Bout to endogen, the girl between them lips till its numb
Becomes swollen

[Hook 2: Kaos]
Girl now you say you wanna fuck
You wanna feel it in ya guts, plus
You like it up the butt
And we can do this on the weekend and shit
Derty she talk trash look, ass
She's a freaky bitch cuz I love to have that
Titties and thighs, Titties and thighs
I see that ass girl)
Titties and muthafuckin thighs
Mm yes'ir freak summin
Titties and thighs, titties and thighs
I see that ass girl
Titties and muthafuckin thighs

[Verse 4: Kaos]
I think I see you wit ya partnas up in the club
Gettin kisses and hugs from them ten dub thugs
Bitches hatin wit mean mugs
But we don't trip off her, cuz niggas always in ya shit
Be fuckin me up, lookin at 'em like "BIIITCH!"
That's why we don't even kick it wit hoes
And you be like "fuck them bitches wit bros
Look at they clothes, they some ridiculous hoes"
She know that outfit and them shoes don't match
She country as a muthafucka and I'm cool on that
We shootin pool on cats, left and right
Niggas losin scraps, talkin bout aight for real
Then you be like "stop usin that"
Bitch bustin that ass, hella blow, jealous hoes
Talkin schlim on them themselves, but they'll neva know
Who the bitch wit the Cris is wit dick, shit
I'm tryin to make me stick my mistress
Get her to the crib and call my nigga mo
Hit the liquor sto', wit the hoes from the picture show
In the triple O, uno come bitches so

[Hook 3: Kaos]
Ladies now lets keep this on the hush
On the real, y'all cool as a muthafucka
Plus I'm feelin freaky, is she down for this nah'jae?
Cool well meet us in the lobby
Let me see what's up wit KemoSaubee
(dialing phone) (ringing)

[talking: 1- Kemo 2- Kaos]
[1] 'Ello?
[2] Whuts up nigga?
[1] Whuts up
[2] Ay nigga wherre you at?
[1] I'm out herre in St. Charles wit Chuma and Grin
Nigga what you got crackin?
[2] Got a couple dimes derty
[1] Straight up where you at?
[2] Mmm out herre in Westport mmm
[1] Ha, ah ya?
[2] Mmmmm
[1] What's poppin then nigga?
[2] Yes'ir
[1] Ha ha, see I'm on my way derty
[2] Ay just 2 way me when you get across that bridge
[1] Bet that nigga I'm fin' to get at you