210 Testo

Testo 210

But maybe, my time will come! Despite the words unsaid, the things that´re left undone. After every rainy day, there´re a thousand beams of light that come your way! I can´t believe the news I heard today. Yesterday so close, now like a million miles away. I never dared to tell you how much I care, you looked so good, so seemed so kind, now desperation´s on my mind. Words failed me when I stood in front of you. You´re going out with him I could stand beside you too. I lie awake at night you´re image right before my eyes. Tears run down my cheeks, after all I doesn´t seem alright ... All this sadness´ tearing me apart. I´m sure you didn´t know that you break my heart. Still I´m longing for some love from you. But now you´re gone, outta my reach and there is nothing left for me. What can I do to win your heart for me. I´m helpless I am all that I can see. I won´t give up try everything I can. Too late to hesitate, I got to be a man! Is it my fault, really I don´t know. I can remember when you told me so. You got ahead by them each and every time. Your chance to pick another one of them in line. And still the odds keep stayin´ on your side. Can´t change your state of mind, no matter how I try. You wouldn´t see me if I was the only one around. And this knowledge makes me sad but you stay ignorant and glad!