Commander Keen Testo

Testo Commander Keen

Commander Keen is pretty mean, you can´t imagine he has seen, many monsters, scum and space marines. Always fightin´ at his best, killing every planets pest. And after every dangerous day, he puts himself to rest. I have come here to prevent all that evil and although this sounds insane at all. My arrival is more than just a lucky chance, ´cause I have heard your distress call. This puts me back onto my galactic track, climb my ship and hit good ol´ spacelane Z. Set course to planet Hollywood, start my engine ... enter hyperspace! My destination is just right in sight, and my ship is standing on a field. I grab my my phasergun, get prepared to fight and activate my laser shield. Short while later ... spot my enemies! The battles short but now they rest in peace. Needless to say that no one gets away from Commander Keen´s justice - no way! Listen up Commander Keen, it´s Rastafari-Spacemarine. Tunin´ in on your frequency all time this evening. Do you read the "Marcus Garvey" on your radar screen ? Headed from Port Freeside to the Zion colony ... I bet you´ll chase´em and you´ll a-apprehend´em, escape is not possible not even for "Big Man". If there´s ever a time for you to calm down, be sure to visit the nice place we call home!