My Friends Testo

Testo My Friends

My friends! That´s what they call themselves but talk is cheap and it won´t help to cover the scars we hurt ourselves, then Joe is alone but the friendship is gone! What it is that happened to my friends. I think that it´s abnormal. [normal?] They´re flying g ´round in red-blue suits, running through walls and jumping houses. And when I asked Clark lately to celebrate the week-end, he replied : "There´s a party on the moon!" Cold as ice and stong as steel, I hope it´s fake but it seems so real ... fast as light but quite they move, oh and I cannot follow they are much to smooth for me! "Come on, puny earthling", Bruce said " I can give you a lift up there!" Hey what could be my failure, bad luck or stupidity. Anyway it´s not important at all, ´cause it´s already to late for me. My friends they left me all alone. Now I sense my heart has turned to stone.