Beat Called 'Off' Testo

Testo Beat Called 'Off'

And we´re never gonna stop, not in between or on the top, sometimes we play some punkrock, sometimes the beat is called ´off´ Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you the truth about your offspring, things you always wanted to know, but never dared to ask! It´s gonna be a tale about the future, a story of forthcoming events and incidents. So here we go now, sit back an listen closely ... 1995, when I touched the microphone, for the first time in my life, and I was not alone. With me there were seven other people in the room and they made a lot of noise, so I realised soon that our voices sound like someone´s rapin´ the mic, and we never hit a sound fittin´ to the noise around! But we had a motivation and don´t feel like givin´ up, no we make our own music and we´re never gonna stop! Two years have passed, but that´s not too long. We tried to write some good songs for you. And I hope that we´ve come to the rigth point, even if it will be hard. I heard that the road of success is very long, but we don´t mind and just keep goin´ on ... 1998, now we´re rocking every town. It´s a noise we love to make, wait ´till we com around. We just try to bring a little smile on your face, hope that you enjoy the show and dance around in different ways. We just try to grab our chances to get somewhere near the top. And even if we fail, we see no reason to stop! But we still have inspiration, we just feel like goin´ on. We still make our own music and some new friends we have won!