Are You Scared ? Testo

Testo Are You Scared ?

There´s so little you can loose. Some tough decisions, well just choose. Another day, another time - life doesn´t rhyme. Go ahead no looking back, a long, long road that will never end. Another walk, another mile - don´t loose your smile. Are you scared to take you chances, are you scared to take a look inside. Are you scared ? Well admit your own defeat or are you feeling incomplete alone. Are you scared ? Some are a miss some are a hit, just try again, maybe it will fit. Another puzzle, another piece - pressure won´t seize! Are you scared to loose your grip or are you scared to let life pass you by. Are you scared ? Well check the clock before it´s too late. Don´t waste your time on this debate, good mate. Are you scared ? Sometimes it seems all such a waste, everything you do all in a haste. Another heartbeat, another breath - won´t stop ´til death. Are you scared to make mistakes or are you scared to be brought down in life. Are you scared ? Well one thing I know for sure, even if I won´t go down alone. Are you scared ?