Indiscretion Testo

Testo Indiscretion

It´s only indiscretion, I´m the victim and there´s nothing I can do. Turns into resignation, stop your talk, I don´t want to listen to! Yesterday I heard some rumours from you, tales about me, you know too well they weren´t true. You seemed so proud to tell me about your lies, still I can´t understand, can´t just not see through your disguise. The whole time I thought of you as a friend, now my trust drains away, a crack I just can´t mend. Someone once told me friendship really counts ... Maybe it´s too late, but I´ll try it anyway ... Sincerity, this time it´s not o.k. - for you trying to trick or cheat and by now you should have learned what you really need ! Hurting you didn´t even seem to care, looking back I didn´t always treat you fair. Another day just stay out of my site, please don´t try to explain, you had your chance to put it right. I look for optimism, just don´t know ... hope I never will again be part of your show. Someone once told me friendship really counts ... Not long ago, but now it seems so far away, we were kind of best friends, I might say ... Until someday suddenly someting changed! No one knew why but then friendship was gone. Now are you prepared to bear the consequences, but still I don´t know, I´m living on the fences. I know I can forgive, but when will I forget ... this misery and distrust I hadn´t faced it yet. Your allpervasive letdown, it´s always on my mind ... a reason for your step, one thing I just can´t find. But now I´m over it, I got to move ahead, as far as I´m concerned I only know you´re dead, you´re dead... I found it hard, too hard to believe, the loss of everything that we achieved. But because it did, I think it had to fall apart ... Just another dead-end story, I´ll be on my guard!