May 13 Testo

Testo May 13

This is a song about a show on May 13, don´t know how many people there have been, everything was fine until somebody lost his mind But then, suddenly, disaster took its course. And with every beer they drank, everything got even worse! They reeled over the dancefloor, they bumped into the audience. But they didn´t hurt nobody, so we didn´t care, no, no ! They stumbled to the stage grabbing for the microphone but I was aware. Unfortunately they hit a stand, so the saxophone was no longer heard. But still, we kept calm, we hoped it all would end. Well we didn´t know that the worst we dreamed of was still to come. Well what d´you think were we supposed to do, do you have any idea ? Just let me know so next time I know what we have to do. I´m sure that you would like to know how it has ended : After a quarrel, I don´t know for sure, the police knocked at the door. They said "Hey guys it is enough! You better finish now!" So we packed our bags and instruments and unfortunately we had to stop