Tin Soldier (Tin Man) Testo

Testo Tin Soldier (Tin Man)

Young boy soldier's got everything he needs He's got a gun on his shoulder and a badge on his sleeve He's got boots and grenades and knitted mittens that his mother made him Hey boy watcha' doin' out here? You look a little squeemish and you're so full of fear You're too young to die in a war full of questions whose answer is why Tin soldier Tin man Enemy soldier's got everything he needs He slips a gun on his shoulder as he bows to his knees He ain't afraid to die For his government he'd give his life Hey boy watcha' doin' out there? You're running like a madman with a wild-eyed stare So you're afraid of nothin' Well step inside these boots and I'll show you something You're a tin soldier Tin man "Attention!!! It's off to battle for you boys Let's show'em what we're made of! Let's teach'em about democracy and our way of thinking Yep, let's kick some ass out there boys Show them bastards what freedom's all about!" Yep, that's America I wanna go home I wanna go home sweet home Where I know who and what I'm fighting for Where I know who's a friend and who to avoid Where I know what I'm doing and why I'm doing it So what the hell am I doing out here???