1st Division Triplehorns Testo

Testo 1st Division Triplehorns

We are the 1st Division Triplehorns.
That's what we are, that is what we were born!
But the fuckin' establishment do us scorn,
like we would do a B-Movie-Porn.
1st Division Triplehorns!
My tongue = Danger, 'cause it is full of thorns!
Is this a menace to society?
'Cause we're ignored by the industry?
We are harmony, we are meLODy,
but they simply do not want to see - Motherfuckers!
The Music which is all in me,
wants to break out - we'll set it free.

We're the 1st Division Triplehorns -
that's what we are, that's what we born.
1st Division Triplehorns -
but the society do us scorn.

We are the 1st -
We'll never stop to shout it out!
Division Triplehorns!
We're sure as hell there is no doubt.

This Contest "E." in 2003,
where they were fucking with me, but no one wants to see!
But I don't give a fuck if they're top of the pop,
because we will rock - never stop - but they'll be dropped.
We don't give a fuckin' damn! -
About those fuckers, 'cause Metal never dies!
Fuck off with their "sellin' rhymes",
their main things are their rollin' dimes!

We are harmony, we are meLODy,
but they simply do not want to see! - Motherfuckers!
The Music comes right from my heart,
since my beginning, since my start