Relationship: Erased Testo

Testo Relationship: Erased

I can't longer run away from me,
it's time to face the challenge, this is the place to be!
'Cause I can't longer lie to me,
I feel like I am living in a fucked misery!
No! You have forsaken me,
now you're far away, that is what I see,
But "Go!" was the last word you heard from me,
'cause you gave me no chance, so you had to leave!
Finally - I can see - there's something changing in me,
I go out - and I shout - I say it really loud!
No longer - I will grieve - that you bitch had to leave,
no more tear - no more fear - I'm back from hell, I'm here!

You thought that you can cheating me,
and you really thought that I would not see?
You tried to fuck with me,
don't you mind how I do feel?!
I felt like someone smashed my heart, down on the ground,
tear it apart and made me die!

You really thought that you can cheating me,
fuck with me and I would not see?!
Fuck off! You dirty whore, I don't need you any more,
not for one day longer you will hit me down!
Till now my rage has grown, I know where I'll find you,
and I know exactly what to do!
You'll die! You fucking bitch, I'll come to kill you soon,
and you fucking can't flee!